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    Whitehouse Real Estate

    When looking for a place to find great real estate, one would be hard-pressed to find a location better than Whitehouse, TX. The place might sound unfamiliar, but in a few years, Whitehouse will be one of the most popular suburbs of Tyler, TX.

    Whitehouse, Texas is located only seven miles south of Tyler, and right now, the population of Whitehouse is only about 8,000. This is why it is important to get an early advantage and start looking for homes in the area right now. As the years go by, home and property prices in the area will only increase, and the opportunity for a bargain will be missed.

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    Education in Whitehouse, TX

    One of the reasons that Whitehouse is becoming a popular destination for families is that it has an excellent public school system. Currently, the Whitehouse Independent School District has seven schools on six campuses. Four of these schools are elementary schools, two are middle schools, and one is a high school.

    The school district has won the “One of BScene’s Best” award for two straight years. If a quality education for your children is a high priority for you, Whitehouse can definitely deliver.

    Evidence of Expansion

    Whitehouse has a Vision 2020 Comprehensive Zoning Plan that is a reflection of the city’s expected growth in the near future. The plan includes details for transportation, parks and recreation, and overall suggestions for future civic image. Right now, prices for a four bedroom, three bathroom home can be as low as $159,500. In Texas, home prices are lower on average than the rest of the country. The fact that Whitehouse is still a small town compounds the lower price effect even more.

    Recreation and Attractions

    Families especially love Whitehouse because of it close proximity to Lake Tyler. Whitehouse is on the west side of Lake Tyler, which is a hot destination spot for Texans because of its excellent boating and water recreation opportunities. Tyler State Park is located on the shore of Lake Tyler very near Whitehouse, and here families can camp, canoe, paddleboat, fish, bird, hike, swim, and every other outdoor activity one can think of. If your family loves the outdoors, living in Whitehouse would truly be a dream.

    Shopping in Tyler

    Many people don’t like the idea of living in small towns such as Whitehouse, but Tyler is so nearby that you won’t miss any of the activities that can be found in a larger town. Tyler has a population of 100,000, and this means that there are many shopping centers in town. In fact, this is where residents of Whitehouse do most of their shopping. Other activities in Tyler include the Caldwell Zoo and the Rose Museum, which boasts the largest rose garden in the country.

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