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    Van Zandt County Real Estate

    This is a place that was named after a congressman in the United States. His name was Isaac Van Zandt, and it is a place that believes in America. It is a county that cares about its citizens; It cares about health, which is why it was a completely dry county until 2009, when they allowed certain alcoholic beverages to be consumed.

    Within the limits of health of course. It is a place that you can trust. It is a place with lots of open land, great parks, great city officials and great people. It is a place that anyone would be honored to call their home. Most of the people who reside here are in their early 40’s, but all ages are represented in healthy portions because this is a county for those who love peace and beauty.

    The average household income is about 46,000. That was a few years ago, and it is rising. The average home was valued at 97,000, but that number is rising as well. It is a county that has progression in mind, and it is progress that is growing here.


    There are a few schools to note. There are far too many to mention because they are all outstanding schools. One of those outstanding schools is Canton Intermediate School. This is a public elementary school that prides itself on excellence. They have a great staff who are dedicated to your child. Parents rave about just how involved the school is in making sure that every child is well tendered to.

    The school scored a 9 on the Great School scale. Another great school that follows the same tradition of the aforementioned school is Martin’s Mill School, which is a public middle school. This is another school that strives for perfection and gets it right. The students love it there; many of them have commented on how interesting the classes are.

    Most parents are thrilled to know how successful the school is with the curriculum. They scored a 9 on the Great Schools scale as well. Another school worth noting is Canton High School, which again is a public school that continues what seems to be a tradition in this county.

    This tradition is, making a success out of your children. They have many extracurricular activities available for your young. They have many clubs to nurture their interests. This is a school that thinks of your young first. They scored an 8 on the Great School scale.

    What To Do?

    There are many things to do in Van Zandt County, TX, from parks to golf courses, or perhaps something a little more interesting. If you have a family interested in riding down a tunnel of watery fun, then you are in luck because the Splash Kingdom Waterpark Canton sits nearby. Perhaps you are interested in having a day by the lake with the kids?

    If that is what you want, then Lake Tawakoni State Park Wills Point is your answer. For those who are interested in shopping for unique items, then you are in luck because every Monday something big happens here. It happens in the Old Mill Marketplace.

    It is the world’s largest flea market. It arrives and opens its doors to you. There is so much to discover here. There is so much to recommend, but the rest is for you to find out because every great story has a little mystery left in it, right?

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