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    Smith County Real Estate

    Named after James Smith, a general who fought for Texas independence during the Texas revolution, Smith County is a county in East Texas made up of twelve small cities, the largest and most prominent of which is Tyler, Texas. Overall it has a population of about 213,400 people.

    Smith County is home to a very diverse community and welcomes all people. There is plenty to do in Smith County from parks and recreational activities, art museums, and events that make Smith County is a special place for anyone to call home.

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    Parks and Recreation Centers

    Since Tyler, Texas is the largest city in Smith County and is home of a large chunk of its population (96,900 people), most Smith County residents venture here to find things to do. For example, Tyler is home of the Tyler state Park. Here people can camp out, pull out the fishing rods and fish on the lake, hike or bike on the mountain, rent boats and sail on the lake, swim in the lake, or picnic along the lake.

    It is very popular among the citizens of Smith County especially since admission is cheap and affordable. There is also an abundance of natural parks with biking and jogging trails, playgrounds, and sports fields, and water parks and playgrounds for small children to enjoy.

    In addition, Tyler has the Glass Recreation Center which is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, recreation centers in the city. With cheap and affordable membership prices (fifteen dollars per year for adults and ten dollars per year for children), many Smith County residents do not hesitate all that it has to offer.

    Amenities includes aerobics classes offered at different skill levels to accommodate beginners and professional, basketball courts, karate classes, arts and crafts, workout center with plenty of weights , a weight room and exercise machines, as well as reception hall where weddings, parties, and other events can be held. There are also rooms for business meetings and reunions available for rental among many other things.

    Museums and Galleries 

    Smith County is home to the Tyler Museum of Art. A very population place for those in the city who enjoy art, Tyler Museum of Art showcases the works for famous artists as well as local works to give local artists recognition and publicity. It works with schools in the county to raise financial support to bring students to visit the museum.

    It also holds annual high school art exhibitions. In this event, students’ works are judged and the best are displayed in the museum for the community to view and enjoy. This is great for young artists looking for a place to start.

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