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Jacksonville Real Estate

Jacksonville is a small town located in eastern Texas. Residents enjoy the milder winters of this part of the country, as well as the close-knit community of small-town life.

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Jacksonville is near enough to larger communities that those considering a move here can take into account the job opportunities and entertainment available nearby.


A small town of 15,000, Jacksonville is nestled in rolling hills. South of the town lies lake Jacksonville, a man-made lake created in 1957. This lake is a primary source of water for the town, and is also a popular spot for outdoor recreation. Directly north, along US highway 69, is the city of Tyler, Texas.

This city of about 250,000 people offers more in the way of amenities, recreation, and job opportunities, and is about 20 miles away from Jacksonville. Jacksonville is known for its production of tomatoes, earning it the title “tomato capital of the world.”


Naturally, to any parent considering a move, a community’s schools are of prime interest. Jacksonville is home to the Jacksonville Independent School District. The district is composed of four elementary schools, for preschool through fourth grade, including East Side Elementary School, Fred Douglass Elementary School, West Side Elementary School, and Joe Wright Elementary School.

There is an intermediate school, for grades five and six, called Nichols Intermediate School. Jacksonville Middle School and Jacksonville High School host grades seven through eight, and nine through twelve, respectively. Jacksonville does have one alternative school, Compass Center, which takes students from preschool to high school senior.

As for higher education, Jacksonville is home to Jacksonville College and the Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary. Several colleges and Universities are found in Tyler, Texas, a short twenty mile drive to the north.


Jacksonville’s population is of mostly European and Hispanic descent. The median age for its residents is 31, and the median income for a household is $31,000, which is up from $25,000 in 2000. The estimated median house value is $73,000, which is up from $47,000 in 2000.

The mean price for all housing units is $102,000. Despite being known for its tomatoes, very little of the population is in the farming industry. Most workers are in the service, sales, manufacturing, transportation, and office industries.


Jacksonville does not have much to offer aside from small-town life. Lake Jacksonville is a popular outdoor spot. More active nightlife, as well as better job opportunities, can be found in nearby Tyler. The proximity of this city allows residents to enjoy a quiet, small-town life, while at the same time enjoying access to a larger city’s employment and entertainment opportunities.

For those looking for small-town life in eastern Texas, Jacksonville is an excellent place to consider. Jacksonville’s education system meets all the needs of children from preschool to high school seniors, and has some limited institutes of higher learning.

Tyler, Texas, 20 miles to the north, provides amenities, job opportunities, and institutes of higher learning, which this smaller town cannot provide. People considering a move to Jacksonville can enjoy the peace and quiet of this small town, while remaining close enough to a larger city to make use of its jobs and recreation.

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