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    Flint Real Estate

    Located in the state of Texas, the town of Flint is a community that has been steadily growing throughout the last two decades. Although unincorporated, the town has its own post office, and has seen a marked increase in population in the previous decade, from a total of around 7,000 individuals to over 11,000 today. Due to the rapid growth, there are a number of retail businesses, providing jobs to continue to spur strong economic growth.

    Outdoor Activities

    Outdoor activities any number of parks, tennis courts, and golf courses complete with country clubs in the general region. Lake Palestine is a short fifteen minute drive to the west and Greenbriar Lake and Bellwood Lake a fifteen drive to the north. Faulkner park is very close nearby, and there are some lengthy nature trails for the walking enthusiast to take in. The Faulkner tennis center is also located within the park and has regular hours from Monday through Sunday, and is fully-functional with a full-time tennis professional on staff.

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    There are also attractions available for those with children as well. Located right in Flint, there is the Waterpark at the Villages, which is an indoor water park for children of all ages. There is also a zoo and a science center in the nearby area as well. There are a variety of restaurants throughout Flint, Tyler, and the surrounding area serving a variety of cuisine also.

    Area Characteristics

    The area of Flint can be generally characterized as a suburban, moderately populated area. The community has roughly about 11,000 people but is situated with larger communities such as Tyler, Jacksonville and Magnolia within driving distance. The great majority of the population is Caucasian, with some African American, Pacific Islander and Asian included as well.

    The crime rate is fairly low in this area as well. The Median home price is fairly reasonable, with prices around the $189,000 range. A cursory look at real estate listings includes smaller homes in the $32,000 to $100,000 range, and homes that are larger starting at $109,900.

    There is one listing for a three bedroom house that is currently listed at the $79,000 range. Notable upscale listings include homes in the million dollar range with 8,000 and 9,000 square feet, so there is something for everyone’s real estate budget in the Flint area.


    Because the community of Flint is unincorporated the area is services by the public schools of either Tyler on one side or Bullard on the other. Both of these schools take pride in delivering an excellent education to their students. Private Christian schools are also an option for a parent who desires to send their child to be educated a little closer to the Flint area.

    The Harvest Time Christian academy is one such school, which prides itself on being able to give more individualized attention than the larger public schools. Overall Flint is a great place to live!

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