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Chandler / Brownsboro Real Estate


Chandler, Texas is a town outside of Dallas on the east side of the state. It has a lot of opportunities for qualified individuals to prosper, a good education system to educate the children, and some great parks and recreational areas to enjoy in your free time. Here is more information about these three characteristics.

The health care industry as well as social assistants jobs in Chandler encompass almost 17% of the jobs. Retail trade comes in second with almost 12% of the employment. Manufacturing comes in next with under 10 %. Chandlers biggest employer is the Chandler Nursing Center. Brookshire’s Grocery Store employs a bit less than them.

Next, Chandler Elementary School, Kidd Jones Oil Company, and Chandler Intermediate School all employ about the same number of people. The City of Chandler and the Citizens National Bank round out the top 7. There is a lot of opportunity for those that are qualified and have experience working in any of these fields.

The Brownsboro Independent School District takes care of the children’s education in the area. It includes two elementary schools by the names of Chandler Elementary and Brownsboro Elementary School. They have two Intermediate schools as well by the names of Brownsboro Intermediate and Chandler Intermediate schools.

Brownsboro Junior High is for the students that are in seventh and eighth grade. Brownsboro High School is for the oldest of the young adults. The schools have high ranks among others in the state and country as well. It is a small town atmosphere and there is still a feeling of safety around the area. It is much smaller town than the nearby Tyler or Dallas. There is a total of under 3000 in a 3 square mile area.

Three parks are scattered throughout Chandler. Winchester Park, McCain Park, and River Park are all interesting places to visit in your time here. Winchester Park is 23 acres that contains four lighted baseball fields, pavilion, concession stand, new playground equipment, a concrete lighted waking trail, RV hookups, and picnic areas. The winding roads around Chandler offer plenty of homes with access to Lake Palestine and beautiful views.

McCain Park contains a gazebo, lighted walking paths, benches, and a flag poles. River Park offers a boat ramp for fishing, nature walks, and picnic areas as well. Lake Palestine is not far to the south is would be a quick drive to go visit. Macedonia Cemetery is on the north end of town. The faith baptist church is near the middle of town is an amazing site to see.

The city of Chandler, Texas is an amazing place to live do to the amazing economy, the wonderful school district, and the beautiful natural beauty that is seen all around. If you come for a visit, you will never want to leave.


Brownsboro, Texas is a very small town in the north east part of the state. This 2 square mile bit of land is home of around 1000 people and is a great place to live. There are great schools for your children to attend, wonderful neighbors with a small town appeal, and jobs nearby so you can support your family.

Brownsboro Independent School District is home of 7 schools. The youngest children will either attend Brownsboro Elementary School or Chandler Elementary School for their Pre-School through 3rd grade years. Upon completing the third grade they will move onto either the Brownsboro Intermediate School or Chandler Intermediate School for 4th through 6th grade.

For 7th and 8th grade Brownsboro Junior High will be the where your children will attend and for their high school years they will attend Brownsboro High School.

There is also an alternative school by the name of DEAP/ACES. Organizations the children can join include athletics, band, choir, drama, FCCLA, FFA, Golden Girls, and speech and debate. If your children do well they can also be a part of the National Honor Society.

The community is mostly a farming community. The people look out for each other and have each others backs. If you need help, a willing neighbor will probably not be far away. If you are wanting to find something to do, there are a few places that you should check out. Nearby in Athens, Texas is the Lake Athens Marina Restaurant.

They not only serve food but also have a recreation center, campground, an RV park, and sell bait if you plan on doing some fishing. There are even summer camp programs your children can enjoy that will not be far from home. Another place nearby that you may find fun is the Tyler Indoor Sports Complex. This has an indoor soccer field for adults and children. You can also plan to have a birthday party here and enjoy what the facility has to offer.

There are many places that you can get a job at that can help you to support your family. The most common occupations for people in Brownsboro are management and professional related occupations. They encompass about a quarter of the workforce. Sales an office jobs also come it at a little over a quarter as well.

Production, material moving, and transportation jobs come in at around 15%. The leading industries in the starts with educational, health and social services while the retail and manufacturing trail behind. If you work in one of these fields jobs should be pretty easy to come by.

Brownsboro, Texas in a wonderful small town with a lot of good reasons to live there. The great school district, the people and the places to go, and the jobs available are just a small portion of all the great things that are going on in this area. Come for a visit and see why this would be a great area to raise your family.

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