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    Get the Absolute Most Out of Your New Neighborhood

    Scout the social scene

    Bars, restaurants and clubs (just to name a few) are all great ways to get a feel for how your neighborhood operates. Notice a lot of late-night eateries and watering holes that stay open late night? You probably have a large college/food-and-beverage crowd that works hard and plays even harder. Conversely, if a neighborhood features a number of kid-friendly locales, parks and playgrounds, it more than likely caters to a more family oriented population. Either way, getting out and taking in the social scene of your new neighborhood will help give you a better idea on how to approach your new digs.New Neighborhood - Tyler, Texas Real Estate

    Scope out some neighborhood traditions

    Weekly neighborhood walks, an annual Christmas parade  or even a sponsored Easter Egg Hunt are all examples of traditions that neighborhoods established to promote a sense of solidarity and togetherness. If your area has a neighborhood association or committee, it’s good to tap them for a yearly schedule or community newsletter. This will keep you abreast of any upcoming events that may be unique to your neighborhood.

    Help the greater good

    Volunteer! There’s nothing that lets your new neighbors know that you care more than to volunteer. This can mean anything from joining a weekly trash pick-up program at a local park to working as a crossing guard at your child’s school. Anything that allows you to go out and become an active part of your community will help you identify with it down the road.

    Get acquainted with public transit

    In an ideal world, we’d all like the ability to have everything we could possibly need within a short walking distance. Unfortunately, the real world does not permit such, so getting acquainted with the local, public transit systems in your neighborhood can help you in a pinch when you need it most. Taxi systems, metro stations and bus routes all have their pros and cons, but all add to the sheer convenience of having more than one option to get around town.

    Roam, if you want to

    Sometimes, in order to truly find the best your new neighborhood has to offer, you’ve got to just put on your walking shoes and roam. Discover a tucked-away park, an untouched hiking trail, or new cantina or bistro no one knew about. Ultimately, just getting up, going and making a day of it can often yield some unique results. 

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