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    The Cascades – Tyler, TX

    Tyler, TX used to be referred to as an old money town because it was a town that was fairly wealthy. In general, Tyler is a stunning location to live because of the beautiful scenery. It can initially be tough to adjust there, but once you have it is worth it. Tyler is not as big of a city as Houston or Dallas, but it is still a big city.

    Things to Do

    You have a wide selection of different things that you can do here. For example, if you enjoy golf, then you can go to the Tyler Golf Course. This is literally minutes from the downtown area. The Tyler Golf Course has been recognized as one of the finest golf courses in East Texas. The great thing about this golf course is that you have the option between fine dining as well as casual dining.

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    If you like blueberries, then Tyler, TX is a place that is guaranteed to impress you. The advantage of this city is that they have a place called Blueberry Hill Farms where you can go in order to pick all the blueberries that you want. You can even pick blackberries if you want. They also have a country store where you can purchase some of the food that they have made.


    Tyler also has nearly 50 schools to choose from in Tyler, TX, so there should be no shortage of good schools. Some of the schools that stand out include:

    • Wise Elementary School
    • W L Kissam Intermediate School
    • Jones Elementary School
    • John Tyler High School

    Any antique lover should pay a visit to the Goodman-Legrand home and museum. This home has old antiques, as well as photographs and memorabilia from the 1800s. The first thing people will notice about this home is a stunning mansion with beautiful pillars at the entrance.

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    Another interesting place to visit would be The Center for Earth and Space Science Education. This is a location that offers hands-on science exhibits and many interesting things to learn.

    Aside from the exhibit, there is also a 40-foot domed theater, which is mainly used for large screen movies. If you love to learn interesting things, then you will be right at home while here. This is a must-see for anyone who is a space enthusiast.

    If you love live music, then you can visit the Crossroads Music Company. The great thing about this location is that it offers live music nearly every Saturday night.

    The place was originally a hardware store, but then it was bought out and turned into a music sanctuary.

    Tyler, TX is a great place to live because it has the big city entertainment options without the big city crime. It is considerably smaller than the many of the bigger cities, but it is worth checking out. Tyler, TX is a high quality city with many options and things to do. Boredom is a thing of the past when visiting Tyler, TX.

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