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    Graemont – Tyler, TX

    The Graemont neighborhood is a highly treasured suburban located within Tyler in the state of Texas. The neighborhood mainly consists of a number of prestigious and luxurious gated residential areas but also with a significant number of modern and standard estates as well.


    Housing in Graemont is highly diverse with so many luxurious homes located within the gated communities as well other alternative forms of housing. The community, which incorporates a suburban setting yet with everything else that one could find in a metropolitan setting, makes it extremely perfect to bring up a young and also a big family.

    With the continuing residential developments taking place, finding a good house, or rather a good home can never be a hassle. The houses are further quite affordable to fit the financial capabilities of all. There also are a couple of very affordable and comfortable retirement homes within and around Graemont.

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    Infrastructure and social amenities

    Graemont neighborhood is highly interconnected to provide its residents with state of the art developments and services. The community is served with its own fire protection and police force. It also has very highly interconnected transport system that comprise of a very good road network as well as the rail and via air.

    Residents of Graemont further have the assurance of living very environmentally friendly and clean lifestyles through the incorporation of a tree preservation area within the neighborhood. There is also plenty of clean water and use of sewer services that are made available to all through the City of Tyler.

    Leaders within the community have further ensured that all residents are afforded health care of the highest quality. A couple of both public and private hospitals are located within Graemont.

    Attractions and things to do

    Residents of Graemont are further afforded a chance to experience the natural scenic beauty of the community and its surrounding neighborhoods. These include a couple of walking trails within the community which cover an estimated area of 7,500 feet as well as tree preservation area that is slightly over 20 acres.

    Other beautiful attractions in the community include the Tyler Rose Garden, Caldwell Zoo, Tyler Museum of Art, The Discovery Science Place and the Fire Mountain Amusements. Similarly, there is the annual Rose Texas festivity that takes place throughout the community and the entire Tyler neighborhood.

    The place is further perfect for shopping especially for grocery since plenty of people living within the surrounding areas practice farming. Lots of foods sold in the shopping centers are therefore very fresh and healthy. Also, the Tyler Rose Museum is a great place to visit and to also shop for gifts.

    Residents can further get to get involved in golfing, boating, fishing, camping, picnicking, mountain biking and swimming activities during their free time.

    Education system

    Graemont is home to some of the best schools in Texas and include primary, high schools, colleges as well as the private schools. Examples of learning institutions within the community include the Cumberland Academy, Chapel Hill Independent School District, Good Shepherd School, Tyler Junior College, Texas College and the University of Texas Health Center in Tyler among others.

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