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    Cumberland Ridge – Bullard, TX

    In the city of Bullard, Texas, which is considered a small town that consists of 2,058 persons, is a neighborhood called Cumberland Ridge. The urban town is known for its peaceful atmosphere and friendly neighbors as well as its uniqueness, which is the tight bond that everyone shares in the community.

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    Although the town is not known for having extravagant attractions, it is undeniable that there are full of exciting things to do. The community of Cumberland Ridge mostly consist of professionals with families who are search of other families to connect with.

    Areas of Interest

    Within the community, one would be able to discover many areas of interest, such as Kids Depot 2000 and Fire Mountain Amusement. These two areas are amongst the most popular that the residents of Bullard visit; the two are located in the next town, Tyler. There are also museums in the area, American Freedom Museum, for those who desire to gain in-depth knowledge of the town.

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    Those who reside in Cumberland Ridge have the advantage of the great surrounding private schools that are available for children of all ages. Bullard middle and high are schools that allows their parents and community to uphold to what is transpiring in that school. They provide online information, such as the bell schedule and what their students are eating.

    They even allow the public to view their staff, and the town also has a elementary school that provides the same information to parents as well as the community. As well, there are parks in the town of Bullard that is available to the public, such as the Bullard Community Park.

    Things to do

    Although the community has a measly population, there are a plethora of things to do in the area. Eagle’s Bluff Country Club is one of the many options that the residents may visit to have a day of serenity with a game of golf. The establishment is private and has a beautiful view of a 26,000 acre lake that the whole family can enjoy.

    If one wants to get away for a weekend, they could travel to the next town, Flint, which has many intriguing things to do, such as the Purple Pig Cafe. The cafe has live music for their customers’ enjoyment and open mic night. They allow their customers to have a good time while they wine and dine.

    This neighborhood would be an excellent place to live considering the fact that there is always something to do on a dull day. The community is family friendly and there is not a lot of disturbances that erupts in the area. Since it is a small community, residents have the profit of getting to know everyone in the surrounding areas.

    Communities such as this have the tendency to gravitate towards each other and build lasting friendships. Not only will one have the luxury of residing in a beautiful home but they’re also able to gain a support system within the community.


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