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    Cherokee Club Estates – Jacksonville, TX

    The people who live at the established Cherokee Club Estates in Jacksonville, Texas, say they are very fortunate to own or rent a home in this lovely setting. In fact, Jacksonville is located in the famed rolling hills in East Texas where raising a family or doing business is top quality.

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    In addition, the region is known as the “Tomato Capital of the World” based on the massive production and shipping of its famed tomatoes.

    Cherokee Club Estates exceeds expectations

    When it comes to family fun, living at Cherokee Club Estates is second to none; making this cozy subdivision of top quality homes the place to live in Jacksonville, say residents when commenting online about why they love living in what is known as the biggest small town in Texas. For instance, annual events such as the Tops in Texas Rodeo and the annual Tomato Fest can’t be beat for all around good times.


    In addition, the schools in the Jacksonville area are top rate, with the Jacksonville High School soccer and football teams always earning top rankings and honors for athletic achievement.

    Quality homes featured at Cherokee Club Estates

    The homes at Cherokee Club Estates area located on quiet, tree-lined streets with the famed “Challenge at the Woods Country Club” located directly across this lovely place to live and raise a family.

    In fact, the climate is pleasant throughout the year, making outdoor activities tops in the Jacksonville area. For example, Lake Jacksonville and the city’s many public parks and creeks offer the outdoor enthusiast plenty of places to enjoy recreation activities.

    Moreover, the region has a well-connected interstate and highway system, making travel around the Jacksonville area both pleasant and efficient.

    A great place to live and do business

    The Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce is very active and progressive; making doing business in the region highly enjoyable and profitable, say locals who’ve lived in the region for years.

    In addition, the residences at Cherokee Club Estates are viewed as a top real estate investment due, in part, to the continued growth in this progressive community that prides itself in quality of life efforts for all who live there. For example, the Jackson Public Library has served Jacksonville and Cherokee County for more than 70 years as one of the top library systems in the state.

    While the Jacksonville and Cherokee County school system is the best in top quality elementary, middle and high schools, there is also the famed Jacksonville College that adds to the proud traditions of excellence in the community.

    The residents of the Cherokee Club Estates also note how convenient the area shopping and parking is for both residents and visitors to this thriving rural community. In fact, the Jacksonville area is often on lists for “most livable community”, because it has so much to offer any homeowner or renter who wants Texas living at its finest.

    Overall, there is no place that says “home” like living in one of the many quality homes located at Cherokee Club Estates.

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