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    Nine Tips to Enhance Your Moving Experience

    Moving for most is frustrating and time-consuming. However, there are things you can do that can make this process easier, smoother and with less stress such as making a list:

    1. One very helpful tip when moving is to place a number on every box you pack and then list the contents on your list. Keep the list in a special place where you won’t forget where it’s at such as in a corner on top of boxes already packed. In this special corner, also keep your marking pens, labels, box tape and other supplies.
    2. Another tip that will help is to make sure that you have plenty of supplies on hand. Most important, you will need to purchase or find many boxes and they should be in small, medium and large size boxes. It is important to note that any extra boxes that you don’t use that were purchased from a moving company, you can return to a moving company and get a refund.
    3. When packing up your items use unprinted or printed newspaper or bubble wrap. Another tip is using wardrobe boxes. They work well for lightweight but bulky items such as blankets, pillows, comforters and clothes. In addition, they can be used as shoeboxes, closet storage boxes or large baskets.
    4. There is another tip that many have found helpful and that is selecting a color for each room in your new home and then putting a matching color sticker on the door of each room. That way the movers will know where to put certain items when they arrive at your new home. In addition, by putting a large sign on the wall where you want boxes placed such as “Place boxes here”, will help keep the boxes out of busy traffic areas.
    5. As you continue to work with the movers or if you’re packing things up by yourself, be sure to keep like items together such as light bulbs with lamps and books with items you display with books.
    6. Keep in mind that one of the best ways to stay on schedule with a move is to pack ahead. Anything you can pack ahead of time will save you hassle and worry on moving day.
    7. Most of us do some cleaning after moving out but only store away some basic cleaning supplies and rags. Most importantly, clean anything you can ahead of time such as inside and out of your kitchen cupboards, windows and your oven.
    8. Another helpful tip is to vacuum each room as the movers take things out. This will save you time and energy!
    9. Another tip that will save you energy and exasperation is to fill your luggage bags with sheets, towels, clothing and other needed items. Doing this will remind you easily where your favorite and needed items are located.

    To conclude, moving to a different location is not easy but with a few tips, it can go smoother and with less hassle!

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