Maximizing Screen Appeal to Sell Your Home in Tyler

Screen AppealWhen you decide to sell a home in Tyler, it is worth your time and effort to make the most of the property's first impression. In a digital world where nearly all of your potential buyers will view your home online before they decide to see it in person, screen appeal is the new curb appeal.

Maximizing screen appeal is not just about aesthetics; it's about standing out from comparable properties as your ideal buyer is scrolling through online listings. With a proven track record, we are ready to help you sell your home in Tyler, so contact us any time to get started.

To begin preparing for a successful sale, check out these strategies to enhance your home's screen appeal in Tyler and explore why it's crucial for creating a lasting impression.

What is screen appeal?

Screen appeal is the way your home comes across through the screen; in other words, its the digital version of curb appeal or the first impression a buyer gets of the home. In the current real estate landscape in Tyler, a potential buyer's initial encounter with your home nearly always happens online. Homebuyers typically browse listings on real estate websites, and your property's screen appeal is the digital first impression they form before deciding to visit in person.

Why does screen appeal matter when selling a home in Tyler?

Screen appeal is synonymous with a first impression. While it's possible that some buyers may come to a showing because their agents suggested it, or stop by an open house unexpectedly, nearly every buyer will have viewed your home's online listing before they ever see it in person. 

This means that they will decide whether to view the property in person based on how it looks online, and beyond that will form an opinion about your home before seeing it depending on the impression your online listing gives.

Additionally, some buyers are not local and either will not see the property in person at all or are only going to travel to Tyler to see your home if the screen appeal is promising enough. In order to attract great buyers who are house hunting remotely, your online listing has to be excellent.

A visually appealing online presentation encourages potential buyers to explore your home, increasing the likelihood of inquiries and showings. Don't miss this crucial opportunity to attract your ideal buyer by putting your home's best foot forward online. 

How can a homeowner boost their home's screen appeal?

When you realize that boosting your home's screen appeal is one of the best ways to attract your ideal buyer, the obvious next question is, "How?" And we can help. Each home may need different attention or features, so we can help tailor a marketing strategy for your unique scenario. Contact us any time to learn more about the current value of your home in Tyler or how we might market it for you. 

In general, there are some screen appeal boosting tips that will apply to most homes, so keep these things in mind:

  • Think about the lighting in your home. Good lighting is key to great photography and videography, which are the essential components of screen appeal. Consider whether there are any places in the home that you can allow in more natural light, including changing window coverings or trimming landscaping outside a window. 
  • While much of the screen appeal conversation revolves around digital content like photo, video, and virtual tours, the words on the listing are also important. Make sure you provide us with accurate information and as much detail as possible about the home so we can craft an accurate and compelling description. 
  • If the home you are selling is vacant, you may want to consider virtual staging. Even if you do not plan to stage the property in person, virtual staging can help your buyer envision themselves in the home and picture how it might function in a typical layout. 
  • Work with agents who understand effective marketing in the current market, like us. Ready to learn more about selling your home in Tyler? Contact us any time.

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