How to Avoid Home Sale Heartbreak: Tips for Tyler, Texas Buyers

Hey there, Tyler Texas home buyers! So, you're in a bit of a pickle – your home sale just hit a roadblock. It's seriously frustrating when you're all set to sell, but then things go south for one reason or another. Selling your place can be pretty stressful, and unfortunately, some folks end up back at square one when their sale falls through. But don't sweat it; we're here to break it down for y'all.How to Avoid Home Sale Heartbreak How to Avoid Sale Fall Through

Failed Home Inspection

One common culprit for a sale falling through is the dreaded home inspection. Imagine this: your potential buyer discovers some major issues like a leaky roof, mold problems, or structural defects. Sometimes, they'll still want the house but with repairs, while other times, they'll bail altogether.


Then there are those pesky contingencies. These are conditions that buyers sometimes add to their offers. In some cases, it's no biggie for the seller, especially in today's hot market. But if the buyer can't sell their own home, they might back out, leaving you in a lurch.

Wait, No Financing?

Another thing to watch out for is buyers who haven't secured their financing yet. It's a risky move to accept an offer from someone who hasn't locked in their funds. If they can't get the cash they need, they'll have to pull out of the deal.

Low Appraisal

And let's not forget about the appraisal. If your home appraises for way less than the offer price, the buyer might freak out. They'll either walk away or scramble to cover the difference – that's called an appraisal shortfall.

But don't despair! There are ways to protect your sale from going off the rails:

  1. Home Inspection: Before you even list your place, do your own inspection. That way, you'll know about any major repairs or maintenance issues upfront.

  2. Contingencies: If the market allows, try to go for offers without too many contingencies. It simplifies things and reduces the chances of a sale falling through.

  3. Financing: It's a smart move to accept offers from buyers who've got their pre-approval letters in hand. It's a sign they're serious and financially ready.

  4. Appraisal: Like with the home inspection, you can get an appraisal done to set a realistic price. That way, you won't list your home too high or accept an offer that's way above the appraised value.

These are pretty much the most common ways a house sale can fall through but because you are dealing with many different parties, not just the buyer and seller, anything can happen. The key is being armed with a great agent who knows all the possible ways negotiations and transactions can go. Navigating through this and finding solutions will help keep the deal together. 

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