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Avoid the Five Major Mistakes that Home Sellers Make

There are many factors that cause a homebuyer to walk away from making an offer on a house. Home sellers may have little or no control over a lot of factors however there are five major mistakes that sellers should avoid making:

Inadequately marketing their home

Review with the real estate agent all of the ways they intend to market the house. Most real estate agencies have online listings where homebuyers want to see good quality pictures of the home’s interior and exterior.

A report by The National Association of Realtors showed that 90 percent of homebuyers look online first for a house and as a result of their online search, 76 percent of buyers drove by or viewed a house they saw online.

Overpricing the home

The price that the seller is asking for the home and what buyers are willing to pay for it may be very different amounts. By the time the seller corrects the price, motivated buyers may have already bought a house that was priced correctly. A real estate agent can assist in making sure the house is priced correctly.

sell Being too emotionally attached to the home

To sell the home, the homeowner has to view the process as a business deal and not a personal affront on them. Buyers can be very vocal about what they do not like in a home.

Sellers need to detach themselves emotionally from the house they want to sell and think of it as property, instead of their home, so they do not allow their emotional attachment to interfere with selling the home.

Not preparing the home for sell

While it may be challenging to make sure that the home is spotless every time the house is shown to a buyer, it is essential that the home remain clean and de-cluttered. Buyers need to be able to picture themselves in the house and no one wants to imagine living in a house that is not clean.

Not all buyers have a lot of vision and can see around the clutter in a room, so eliminate the clutter beforehand. Remove all pets from the house, as well as their bowls, toys and odor.

Forgetting the importance of curb appeal

Sometimes a potential buyer will not even go in a house because they do not like the way the house looks on the outside. Mow the lawn, trim the bushes and take any toys out of the yard. Sellers need to draw the buyer into the house.

Buyers on average look at 10 houses before they make a home purchase. Even though the process can be emotional for the buyer and seller alike, it may only take a few adjustments in thinking and staging on the part of the seller to help the house appeal to the right buyer.

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